Writing: Article Uploading Series #1:

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Writing articles and submitting them yourself is quite easy. First, you must register and log into the site in order to access the upload area under the Submit Articles menu option. This brings you to an account page, where a new post is created. On the left side, you will see your profile photo and various button options underneath.

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It is probably preferable to write your post (article, poetry, short story or other writing) in a third-party text program such MS. Word or Notepad++ and then copy and paste into the site’s editor program. Just be aware that if you do, your article layout will look different and might need adjustments.

Note: It is no longer necessary to select a category… in fact, the option does not appear as seen in the picture above.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts Suggestion: Select whatever you want to copy.  Instead of  right clicking and choosing copy, press the control and ‘C’ keyboard keys (Ctrl+C).  Paste it into Vision Writing’s text editor program by pressing the control and ‘V’ keyboard keys (Ctrl+V), which is the same as right clicking and choosing paste.

Vision Writing’s Text Editor Program:

In the Description area, Vision Writing’s text editor provides a Visual tab option and a Text tab option. I recommend the Text tab option.  You can always switch over to the Visual Text tab to do special things like creating bold or underlined words or insert text links or video links.

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  • Proofreading: There is a spelling and grammar check too. Red-curvy underlined words indicate misspelled words. I’ll be honest though, I am not certain what other color underlines mean nor have I actually seen them in the upload area. Your best bet is to use a third-party word processing program like MS Word and use its spelling and grammar check.

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  • Titles: Please keep titles short-medium length because “Vision Writing Presents:” will go in front (I’ll do that unless you want be a cool person and write it instead).
  • Category: This is automatic and no longer displays on the actual form.
  • Post Photos: This is where photos are dragged and dropped.
  • Description: Normally, this is the body of the writing.
  • Tags: They provide a great deal of help when searching for your article.
  • Submit: Check your pictures, videos, and writting. When ready, click the submit button to start the upload process.

Note: It is no longer necessary to select a category… in fact, the option does not appear as seen in the picture above.

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For simplicity, Vision Writing includes one category at the moment. It is automatically chosen in the upload section and is now absent from the upload section. Tags, however, are left up to the author or writer to fill in as wanted. As mentioned, tags are used in searches. Even though tags are optional, it’s a really good idea to use them and take care in writing them.

For example, Gary’s sample article titled “…The Staghorn Fern.” This uses ‘Plants’ as a tag. Gary also could have added fern or ferns or his name (ie. plants, ferns).

Almost any words that could help find your article in a search can be used. Separate them with a comma. Up to ten tag words are allowable. I think up to five is more realistic… the more tag words, the better!

The resources involved in the article submission and review process are limited. This is not a professional writing service. I cannot guarantee a thorough review and editing of any writing submitted. Please keep your mistakes, errors and misspellings to a minimum. Long as your articles are not littered with misspellings and do not contain obvious or excessively incorrect sentences, then, the article is acceptable and will become “featured” on the front page.

The overall tone of articles should be moderately professional but in a realistically positive way. Humor is perfectly ok. Long as it is done with tastefulness and a moderate amount of class and conservatism. Articles or comments should not be about frivolous things such as unicorns, rainbows, cute cuddly animals or celebrity gossip or hearsay.

In articles and comments, please use THEN and THAN correctly. There is a clear difference between the two… First-grade stuff. Yeah, this is my little pet peeve, but I have seen it way too many times.

Just as the case with comments, aggressive and negative writing regarding any Christian faith, religion or spirituality will not be published and possibly get your account banned.

Political campaigning in articles is considered spam on this site. Political oriented writing is fine because it is really difficult to avoid in some topics, long as it does not turn into an annoying advertisement or “mud-slinging.”