Volunteering? 5 Reasons Why…

fujitsu_sv600-4Did you ever think of volunteering? There are many reasons to volunteer, but here are five:

– Volunteering can inspire you to help others.
– The self-satisfaction of a job well done is always nice.
– Employment applications and professional resumes look better to hiring managers.
– College and university applications are enhanced.
– Sometimes volunteering can count toward education courses and credits.

No matter what your reasons may be, volunteering can provide you with the opportunity to contribute to your community in a meaningful way.

For example, volunteering at the Whitesboro Dunham Public Library digitalizing local high school yearbooks. While it may not sound meaningful scanning and manipulating files all day, someone someday will need to utilize these archived materials. You see, after a couple of weeks of volunteering, it occurred to me that yearbooks could be lost due to fires, floods, and other mishaps throughout life. Eventually, we all might like to revisit our past high school memories (more specifically, yearbooks).fujitsu_sv600-4

The scanning project is easy. It is not rocket science but does require a small amount of computer literacy, organization, an eye for detail, and a responsible attitude. There is even a scanning project guide, and live training is available if needed.

Consider volunteering for the Whitesboro Dunham Public Library specifically for the scanning project. Stop by and pick up a registration form — it is quick and painless and the hours and times are customizable to you.

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