Vision Writing: Linked-In Career

Sometimes in our career plans often become much too focused and actually overshadow our actual career goals. Opportunities can arise out of nowhere and the willingness to jump into such opportunities is a definite key to overall career success.

In the below video, although brief, the highlighted career advice is just a sample of career advice found through really does offer meaningful career advice and insights into the business world through it’s articles and ongoing conversations. As I look at ways to enhance my career, offered a beginning step towards online exposure.

Their offer includes an opportunity to list and describe your business credentials in an organized and visually appealing way… like a resume, but all online, all free. They also offer ways to build real business oriented connections and relationships… again, all online, all free.

As an example, check out my LinkedIn profile. The left side column represents the way your credential information looks. Once you register and actually join, you will have direct access to many other tools to build your own profile and making those business oriented connections that were previously mentioned.

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