Vision Writing: Reasons Why: Creating A Blog Website Series #1:

Before Vision Writing, I didn’t own my own website. Previous web courses about HTML, Search Engine Optimization, Building WordPress Websites, LinkedIn Career Building and Internet Markets all helped launch my interest in building my own website.

When testing to see whether or not website building is for you, it may be wise to choose a free option. One suggestion is to use It’s free but limited. It is intended for those who just want to try blog writing or see if the challenge of a real blog or website is personally worth pursuing. In my view, the upgrade fee per month is not a good deal at any price. Even though a fee is paid, there are still limitations. So stick with the free option here. Another free option is This does not help build traditional blogs or websites. Like, it’s limited, but it’s free and with some creativity, can be used like a website or blog. provides the same website building software as, but it is much more flexible. In fact, you’ll have total control in terms of design, look, feel, content, etc. The website building software is free to download and use. However, requires you to go out and find a host server and incur all costs involved.

A host server is nothing more than a computer that is optimized to install and operate the website building software. The reason to use a host server rather than self-hosting (using your computer to install and operate the website building software) is simple. It’s more expensive and troublesome… just not practical. So, a hosting service like Blue Host Inc. is an ideal choice.

One of the first things to ask yourself is ‘why do I want to build a blog or website’… ‘what is the purpose?’ Among the wrong reasons people start out to build a blog or website is thinking that it is “quick and easy money.”

• 99.9% if not 100% of the time, it just does not happen. Don’t get me wrong, money can be generated, but it’s not going to happen overnight. In fact, it may take years to see a miniscule amount.
• Web sites end up costing you money and time because they need constant maintenance and attention.
• It’s not easy at all to build a successful blog. Writing great and compelling content on a regular basis is not only time consuming, but a creative drain on some people. Believe me, I tried and eventually failed.

My own reasons include writing, learning, and platform building (kind of like self-promotion).

• Writing – I needed to find an avenue to display my writing. Books and magazines are difficult to get into and, sadly, are not as popular among the majority of society.
• Learning – Lifelong learning is another passion and just plain fun for me. Whether it is learning a new sport, video game, a technical device, experience, etc. etc… I am always ready for a new challenge.
• Platform Building – This reason is self promotion in my opinion… even if sounds a bit self-absorbed or even narcissistic, but in today’s society of “individualistic advertising” and a “me, me, me” attitude of many, it’s almost a necessary evil. Besides, platform building is a bit more humble and conservative. It’s a way to say “hey, look at me” and avoid becoming a shameless self-promoter.

As a final thought, I’d like to share a self quote; ‘After years of being humble and modest, I realized possessing a conservative attitude was no longer a realistic road for me to travel. I would need to promote myself a little or risk getting shoved into the invisible background of society.’

The above is just a review or insight into using WordPress. More complex and extensive information is available elsewhere. There are many reasons to start a website or blog. Maybe you have some creative and unique reasons? Why not put them in the comments section.

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