Vision Witing Articles: Alternate History

DSC00473It is April of 1946. Hitler was assassinated and Herman Goering has taken the reins of the Third Reich. Under Goering, England has fallen and the royal family has moved to Canada. The Russians are near defeat due to the air power that Germany has been able to produce. The countries of Iceland and Greenland have been occupied for months now and Germany wants to bring the war to the shores of America. The US has almost defeated the Japanese in the Pacific and cannot afford to fight on its homeland. Here in Iceland, the vaunted Amerika Bomber – Arado E-555 –  is being readied for it’s first flight against the American homeland along with its escort fighters. The Stealth capabilities of these aircraft should reduce the response time of the American forces by 15 to 20 minutes. This should give them time to bomb New York city and possibly Washington DC.  What surprises do the Americans have for the Germans?


About KRMissle

As a new author on the Vision Writing site, Missile enjoys watching boxing and other sporting events; playing military simulation video games such as Joint Ops Advanced Warfare, but most of all he enjoys building his model collection. All his models are authentic representations of military aircraft and vehicles. He builds and paints them right down to the smallest detail such as engine parts. Many of his models cover the World War II and other military conflict eras. A glimpse into the United States military machinery and history is always interesting.