United States Veterans…

Our posts, articles, and words fall short of the debt of gratitude that United States Veterans and Service Members truly deserve. …

U.S. Military Veterans fought, and died to preserve the rights and freedoms of the United States of America.  Some U.S. Service Members are still maintaining the struggle to this very day.  The rights and freedoms we all enjoy are because of the brave and hard-working men and women of the United States Military.

     ‘…the freedom to learn and pursue an education, freedom to practice or believe whatever legitimate God or religion we choose or not choose, to conduct business, to partake in free enterprise, to own apartments, homes, land, cars, etc. They have protected the freedom of speech and press and even the freedom to post on Facebook and in other forms of media. And let’s not forget about the right to elect our governing leadership and protest our dissatisfaction (even if totally unwarranted and utter nonsense like not standing for the U.S. National Anthem or mistreating the U.S. Flag).

We Thank Our Veterans. We Don't Take a Knee; We Salute.

We thank our veterans, active duty military and first responders with a salute…not by taking a knee.Veteran, Active Duty, LEO? We have a discount on an annual subscription for you! http://bit.ly/2Axn8NR

Posted by CRTV on Thursday, November 9, 2017

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