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Success HaikuWriting a Haiku is pretty simple, but writing a good Haiku is arbitrary and complex. There are different forms including modern Japanese and Americanized versions and opinions on the best version are as varied as the opinions about what makes a well written Haiku. Also, note that the word Haiku is singular and plural.

However, traditional American Haiku is often seen as three lines containing seventeen syllables (the three lines follow a 5-7-5 rule). The first line is five syllables. The second line is seven syllables, and the last line is five syllables again.

Traditional American Haiku contains a reference to a particular time and place, usually nature or rather a season. For example;

The icy waters
Life’s immobile energy
Waiting for Spring’s thaw

The tricky part is getting the 5-7-5 syllable rule correct. Luckily, there is a freeware program to help. Verse-Perfect is a little-known program that not only helps with the 5-7-5 syllable rule. It also offers rhyming and alternate suggestions. There are many other features and uses, but they do not focus on helping us out with Haiku.

Here’s a screenshot of Verse-Perfect using the above example Haiku. The first right-hand side column labels the number of lines. Note that for the purposes of the example, there are six lines). The next right-hand column labels the number of syllables per line.

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Image 2
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The first three lines have 17 syllables following the 5-7-5 rule. Line one has five syllables; line two has seven and line three has five. Lines four and five have zero syllables, and line six is just there for good looks.

The next screenshot looks at the right-hand side column using another example, the word animation.

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Image 3
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The first window lists words that rhyme with the word animation. And the second lists possible alternative words. The unique thing about these alternative words is that it takes the context or contents of the overall writing within the line into consideration.

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Image 9
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In the above example, I just moved the cursor up to line two –“Life’s immobile energy.”

There are of course details and intricacies that go along with Haiku. However, it is kind of simple with a little knowledge and a little computer program to get started. So, how about it? Maybe you could give it a try and write your own Haiku? And, of course, you’re welcome to leave comments and questions.

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