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In order to promote my website, I wrote a few articles explaining the free version of Grammarly.  It is an online proofreader.  Of course, it does more than just proofreading, but the price is right and it works on my website and social media sites like LinkedIn (including writing areas such as posts, forums comments and share messages).

In messages or comments, I tend to leave a letter on certain words or type the wrong word (typoes). On a comment that I wrote, “The articl was a true inspiration..”  Luckily, Grammarly caught the disfigured comment before I hit the send button.

A program’s ability to catch spelling errors is not anything new.  However, correctly spelled words used in the wrong context makes your messages sound weird and misunderstood. For example, “As I ran through the park, I saw there fruit stand.”   Although a very simplistic mistake, it did happen to one of my posts. You can see that the word THERE is spelled correctly but used incorrectly. The word THEIR makes much more sense. Luckily, Grammarly was able to identify the mistake quickly and suggest the correct word to use, THIER.

Even avid writers and posters make mistakes, especially when writing first draft copies. The passive voice is always problematic for some writers, bloggers, and posters.

Of course, with each error, you get an option to ignore the suggestion. I decided to ignore the passive voice in the example above by clicking the X in the top right corner of the explanation card. Grammarly not only points out mistakes and errors but explains them.

Punctuation presents a problem in writing even for experienced writers and bloggers, but Grammarly catches advanced punctuation mistakes. For instance,

“She did not understand, but heard the teacher’s voice.”

Grammarly caught the incorrect usage of the comma. It should be;

“She did not understand but heard the teacher’s voice.”

The above are just a few examples of Grammarly in action. To be honest, the free trial version is limited and more advanced issues requires a premium subscription.

I assure you, though, the basic features are completely free and work in online writing such as forums and message boards, Facebook share and status updates, Twitter tweets, LinkedIn articles. Personally, I suggest using the free version for your online writing.

Aside from being free, Grammarly helps your writing become easier to read and understand. Improving shorter online writing might improve your longer writing.

So, why not give Grammarly a try? Signing up is free and going through the link next to this text provides a small commission of money back to the Vision Writing site. … it is a win for everyone!

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