Creating a WordPress Blog or Website?

In my previous article, Reasons Why: Creating A Blog or Website Series #1, reasons for starting a blog or website were discussed. requires you to go out and find a host server for your website or blog and incur all costs involved. This is a great option for those wishing to rise to the challenge and responsibility of developing their own blog or website… and of course having total control over the design, look, feel, content, etc.

When I started searching for a web hosting service, I knew very little. Not to say I know all about hosting services right now, but through the passage of time I know a little bit more than I did back then.
Blue Host Inc. is my hosting service choice. Their servers provide a great shared environment free from questionable website content such as hacking, violence or pornography disguised as art.

• Shared hosting simply means that other websites and blogs share the same computer or rather server that yours is hosted on. It’s kind of like an apartment building with different people living in their own spaces in one building. Shared hosting also means low hosting costs.

I truly believe Blue Host offers the best deal for beginners, but I feel compelled to tell you a bit more about the price. When Blue Host advertises a low monthly price, as most hosting companies do, they fail to advertise the upfront cost. This is by no means dishonest, but the details of the upfront costs are nice to know.

• Say $5 per month is advertised. When you sign up you pay one lump sum of $60, which is $5 per month over 12 months or rather one year. There are some other necessary products and services that might bring that total upfront cost to $100.

Signing up is quite easy. You fill out and online form and pay with a credit card. I dove right in and started creating my site. What I didn’t know is that the process was not actually complete. About 48 hours after signing up online I received a call from Blue Host. The automated message asked me to call back and verify my account.

• Account verification activates all products and services that were paid for online.

All things considered, Blue Host still has the best deal. Not only are their prices competitive, but the customer support is beyond compare. Blue Host support includes knowledgeable technicians and support specialists available to you 24/7. Every single employee is trained and employed in the United States right at the company in Utah… made in the USA… no outsourcing to other countries at all!

• Many companies outsource their technical support to other countries, usually for monetary or maintenance reasons. Not always, but sometimes, tech support consists of people whose only concern is to make it through their shift and return to a job tomorrow. Often, the person on the other end of the phone reads from a manual full of generic responses, which is fine because that’s what they are hired to do. Hopefully, that works for you, but the bottom line is that sometimes it does not… it’s a risky gamble.

In my opinion, Blue Host’s tech. support is a pretty big deal in itself. Overall, the products and services offered by Blue Host are just not available in other hosting companies.

The above is just a review or insight into using WordPress. More complex and extensive information is available elsewhere. There are many hosting companies to choose from. Maybe you could mention your preference and the reasons why in the comments section?

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