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Setting up a blog website is not as easy as I once believed. Taking a class about designing, starting and maintaining Word Press blogs and websites (while making one) is more difficult than normal. However, here is the end-result… Vision Writing! Vision Writing is not just a funny sounding title given to my blog website. It is more of a concept than anything.

Over the years, my continual education fortified my office, writing and computer oriented knowledge and skills.  In fact, my LinkedIn profile serves as documented proof.  My current situation left me ample time to develop the established ones and new ones. Eventually though, I saw an opportunity to use my skills, share my knowledge and possibly motivate others. I wanted to develop a comfortable, encouraging and realistic environment to support what I wanted. The short of the story is that Vision Writing was born.

As stated on the front page, Vision Writing seeks to differentiate itself through layout, design and of course, features. That’s why it is not just a traditional blog or a traditional website… it is a hybrid of the two. Vision Writing sees its growing potential derived from its visitors. The hope is that the visitors will become the writers and maybe even authors of the website’s articles and draw enough inspiration and motivation to start writing from existing writing here at the site.

So, the site is now designed, started and maintained… well, honestly, all three of those are continual processes, but I think you get the point. To a certain degree, all that’s left now is the inspiration, motivation and writing. Hopefully, I can deliver some technical knowledge, writing and inspiration. However, the motivation part is almost all in the hands of the possible visitors to the site. If it’s one thing that I have learned over the years is that internal motivation always trumps external motivation.

For example, money itself or the paycheck that someone else gives to you in exchange for doing a job is clearly external motivation. On the other hand, when you do something for your own satisfaction such as researching a career, climbing a mountain or helping a stranger, only then does internal motivation comes into play.

As inspiration for writing, I really think almost everyone can write and deserves a chance to see their writing published. It can help relieve stress and is just plain satisfying to see something that you created posted up for all to see. So, honestly, Vision Writing wants everyday people who are non-professional writers, beginning writers and even those who have not really written before.

My opinion is that nearly all interesting articles, poetry, stories and comments often come from ordinary everyday sources and not out of the grammatically stringent world of professional writing. And just so you know, Vision Writing has not forgotten about graphic and video makers… pictures and videos are acceptable when included in articles, poetry and other writing creations.

As stated on the front page, the site will always stay free of charge for visitors, subscribers, registered members and writers. Donations are not accepted nor will they ever be solicited. The preconceived notions and other connotations that go along with them are just not worth it in my opinion.

Instead, money generates through the advertisements and commercial businesses set up throughout this site. Shopping through the advertisement portals and links on this site costs site visitors zero extra dollars. It helps finance the site, but only if purchases occur within a few hours of visiting the advertised site.

Advertising is by approval only or invitation only. I’m only going to advertise services and products that I use or meet my approval as a consumer.

As with any website, Vision Writing has some guidance to follow. The details are found within the main menu under “Guidelines.” If you need some help about how to use the site; the “Help” menu option is a good start also.