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Welcome to Vision Writing

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In short, the Vision Writing Blog Website offers a place that normal everyday people can go to write articles; stories, poems, essays, speeches or whatever. Attaching a picture is optional, but writing submitted with pictures are almost guaranteed to be published on the site. Published writings are also advertised on social media such as,, websites

Overall, writing is about communicating thoughts and expressions in such a way that almost anyone can comprehend the meaning. Sometimes people just need a starter idea or rather writing prompt. Such writing prompts may take the form of articles, videos, graphics, or maybe photographs. The variety of writing prompts is enormous. That is why it is frustrating to see other blogs and websites limited to one particular subject or theme. So, with that in mind, Vision Writing carries an open-ended theme and accepts articles and other writing about almost any topic.

Vision Writing is not a professional writing website or service, but not a chaotic free-for-all either. The site does not focus on grammatical rules as some sites do. However, efforts to exemplify a general sense of civil decorum and writing semi-professionalism is important to success.

There is also some great news, the site’s Avatar Photos (personal photos) identifying authors of articles, posts or other writings are now separately handled through a FREE service at If you don’t have a Gravatar yet, go to and be recognized as the author of your work!

Blog Website Administrator,
Mark L. Volz